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Jason David Frank on Faith and How to Make Comic Cons Safer

Jason David Frank doesn’t just play superheroes on TV. He lives it. Jason is most famous for playing Tommy Oliver, the Green and (later) White Ranger in Saban’s “The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” TV show. Soon, fans will see him play the character Bloodshot in the upcoming “Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe” which is based on the revived Valiant comic book brand.
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The Talking Dead: Exclusive Interviews with Barbara and Johnny from Game-Changing Zombie Classic “Night of the Living Dead”

Two of the cast members from “Night of the Living Dead” attended the “Mad Monster Party 2017” event. Judith O’Dea, who played the role of Barbara and will reprise that role in the upcoming “Night of the Living Dead: Genesis,” draws her fans into relaxed conversation with her winsome smile and polished speech.
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Hitchhiking to Arrakis: Exclusive Interview with Hollywood Effects Designer Bill Bryan

With his grandfatherly beard and relaxed disposition, Bill Bryan could be anyone you’d meet on a park bench. But you wouldn’t imagine that he’s the designer of effects for some well-known movies such as “The Village,” worked as the puppeteer behind the killer doll Chucky in “Child’s Play,” and wore the suit of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in “Ghostbusters.”.
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Billy Dee Williams Engages Fans at Mad Monster Con 2017

Billy Dee Williams turns 80 years old this week, but don’t let the cane fool you—he’s still the king of smooth. A couple of weeks ago, he sat under a tent in Rock Hill, SC to answer fan questions at Mad Monster Party 2017. Williams’ entrance into the performing arts arena is as unique as the man himself.
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Actress Pat Priest Remembers “The Munsters,” Elvis in Exclusive Interview During Final Convention Tour

It may seem ironic that the niece in a family of monsters oozes class. Pat Priest, whose most famous film credit is Marilyn Munster in the classic family sitcom “The Munsters,” has her own modest explanation: “Do you know a lot of that comes with age? It’s called ‘mellowing out.'”. The polished, lady-like actress worked prolifically for television for over ten years in the 1960s and 70s.
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Hercules on Faith and Film: An Interview with Kevin Sorbo

WizardWorld held a media welcome event before their comic con in Raleigh, NC, where Kevin Sorbo took the time for an interview with Legendarium Media. KS: You know, I was eleven, actually. I used to watch a lot of old movies with my Mom. And I told my Mom that day driving home, I said, “Mom, [I’m going to] be an actor.”.
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William Shatner on NASCAR, Putting Out Fires, and Standing on Principle

The Negotiator boldly travelled to the WizardWorld Comic Con in Raleigh, NC—though as a man that has travelled across land and space, he had trouble differentiating Raleigh from Charlotte, another major city in NC. In person, William Shatner’s personality more closely matches the Negotiator than Captain Kirk.
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From Archie to Marvel: An Interview with Tom DeFalco

Tom DeFalco took time to go on the record with Legendarium Media at the Wizard World Comic Con in Raleigh, NC. He was formerly the editor-in-chief for Marvel Comics from 1987-1994. Legendarium: You have edited a variety of comics from Marvel regulars to licensed works such as G.I. Joe and a number of different narrative tones as well, from the more serious to the more whimsical.
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The Wisdom of Samwise

A hobbit simply walked onto the stage of Ballroom C in the Raleigh Convention Center. Waiting fans arrayed like a legion of orcs shook the room with a deafening ovation. “Wow,” was all Sean Astin could say at the enthusiasm of his fans. The actor, most famous for his roles in “The Goonies” and “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, recorded the fans’ reaction to send to his daughters at home.
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The Legend and Life of Sir Christopher Lee

Author’s note: It can sometimes be difficult to separate fact from fiction in a life as legendary as Sir Christopher Lee. The information below has been cross-examined and fact-checked to ensure accuracy. Fans across the world mourned the recent death of Sir Christopher Lee. Beloved for his numerous film roles that included iconic performances of Dracula, Saruman, and Count Dooku, he also served Great Britain during World War II, hunted Nazi war criminals at the end of the war.
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New Indiana Jones Animated Movie a Must-See!

It’s time to dust off your whip and fedora, because Indiana Jones is back for another adventure! No, I’m not talking about Indy 5; I’m talking about “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” an animated movie by Patrick Schoenmaker. And because it has everything fans want, it’s a must-see! The globe-trotting hero embarks on a quest to find another exotic artifact.
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“Believe it”: FOX Reopens “The X-Files”

After rumors began circulating about the possibility of an “X-Files 3” movie, X-Philes everywhere wanted to believe. FOX’s announcement this week confirmed that the truth was indeed out there. Thirteen years after the last season of the show, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson confirmed that they will reprise their roles as Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully.
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Andy Poole

A.D. Poole saw no reason to choose between the sword and the pen when he could wield both. He writes historical fantasy tales of courageous cavaliers and redeemed rogues and lives the adventure in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) where he studies Italian rapier fencing and portrays a German mercenary from the late Renaissance. He holds a Master's Degree in History.



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